Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Book Review: Elven Surrender by Jory Strong

Anything Jory Strong writes is fantastic. I got hooked on her from her first book, Trace’s Psychic, and that Supernatural Bonds series remains my favorite. She has four ongoing series (paranormal, contemporary romantic suspense, futuristic), and mixes in the occasional unrelated short story or novella. Elven Surrender is a fantasy/paranormal short novella, with a menage a trois.

Silver has been trained as a witch, and is about to undergo the initiation rite and go off to handle her own remote territory. But a little-understood mystical mark appears on her hand, indicating that she may be destined to be the mate of a warlock—a fate she does not want, as it would mean surrendering her will and mind to the warlock’s control and never having a territory of her own. Pursued, she flees into the forbidden forest, where she’s intercepted by…

Wraith and Tynan, elven half-brothers. They were raised to hate each other, competing to eventually assume their father’s role as Lord of their land. But they are actually both more intelligent, more interested in healing and helping their people after their father’s evil rule—even if it means they must work together. The only way they can combine their powers and have their elven people accept them jointly is to share a wife. They foresee Silver, and know the mark on her hand means she is theirs. What neither they nor she know is that she is a rare half-elven, and her heritage could have an unpredictable impact on their joining.

Loved it! Hot, hot. (Ooh, I wish I had a bathroom/bathing tub like Wraith’s!) Short but satisfying, although I do hope Ms. Strong considers setting more stories in this world in future. Write faster, write faster!

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