Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Book Review: Romeo by Gail Faulkner

I hesitate to apply the words sweet and endearing to an erotic romance, but that actually is how this story made me feel. I loved it, and adored the luscious heroine and hero.

Lauren had a heart transplant two years ago, but doesn't tell most people about it. She's tired of being babied and overprotected by her father and brothers, she wants to be able to live an independent and normal life. This weekend, she's off with her friend Carla (a doctor-to-be), to a gathering of Carla's family at the ranch owned by her wealthy cousin Romeo. Yep, that really is his name and he is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy and accustomed to having women fall at his feet. Carla describes him as "bossy, dictatorial and a general pain in the ass." That's because Romeo's parents died when he was young and he had to become the responsible head of the family very early. He goes overboard in trying to control and protect everyone, subconsciously trying to protect himself from losing another loved one.

Carla and her cousins are expecting lovely Lauren, known for being an "Ice Queen" with little interest in men, to give Romeo the cold shoulder, and they are looking forward to his reaction to a woman who doesn't fall for him. It doesn't work out quite that way -- Lauren and Romeo fall for each other at first sight, although in a private manner, not sloppy public pawings. Romeo recognizes Lauren's medical problems--his mother had a bad heart--and of course immediately tries to smother her with controlling protectiveness. But he's met his match in the seemingly quiet and gentle Lauren. She can manipulate with the best of them, and soon is making it quite clear to him what the word "equals" means and what the consequences are of trying to make her decisions for her. By the end of the story, it's easy to tell who will be in charge of this relationship, and that Romeo is going to enjoy every minute of the battle.

Lauren gets a five-star rating from me, she is the true iron fist in velvet glove and completely endearing and lovable. The relationship between Lauren and Romeo progesses a bit too fast--you really have to suspend disbelief to go along with them being engaged and contemplating a quick wedding trip to Las Vegas within two days of meeting. But the concept of love at first sight, of instantly recognizing "the one" and being immediately willing to make a life commitment, is a fantasy we all enjoy surrendering to, as a break from the way love works in real life.

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