Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Book Review: Michelle’s Men by Lynn LaFleur

This is the second in the Cooper’s Companion series about two brothers and a sister who own a male escort service. No, they don’t rent out gigolos, they really do provide women with respectable male escorts to events – but hey, if the client is interested in a little more “personal” service…

While Michelle’s brother is off on his honeymoon (read the first book in the series, Rent-A-Stud), she is interviewing new escorts. Andre and Nathan are absolute hunks, new in town, and looking for interesting part-time jobs to supplement their own freelance work—Andre’s a photographer and Nathan’s a writer. Michelle can’t help drooling over them both, even though she has a rule about never dating any of the employees/escorts. And it becomes clear they return her interest—both of them.

They eventually convince Michelle to date them alternately, and she becomes more confused and conflicted when she realizes she loves each of them for their different personalities. She’s sure she can’t have both—boy, what would her brothers say to that?—but how’s a girl to choose? What she doesn’t yet know is that Andre and Nathan are not only best friends and housemates, but have been lovers for years. They also both enjoy women, and they don’t want to make Michelle choose between them, they want to enjoy her together.

Wow, get out the asbestos oven mitts to hold this book. Andre and Nathan, Michelle and Andre, Michelle and Nathan…and eventually Michelle and Nathan and Andre. I loved all the combinations. These characters are great, the story is fun.

Michelle’s Men, ISBN 9781419911347, digital download $5.95 from Ellora’s Cave

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