Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Talking to the Author: Lynn LaFleur

Lynn LaFleur has a number of erotic romances out with Ellora's Cave and Avon Red, and a non-erotic romance from Cerridwen Press. She writes contemporaries, some with a trace of the paranormal. She writes both novellas and longer length stories. Try her Happy Birthday, Baby four-story collection from Ellora's Cave for a taste of a bit of everything!

Seren: Although you have other menage a trois stories at EC, "Michelle's Men" is the first one to include male-on-male sex in the relationship. What made you decide to do that?

Lynn: I read my first M/M romance about a year ago. I thought the developing relationship, both physical and emotional, was very well done. It made me curious about other authors' books featuring M/M, so I purchased several. These books are romances in every sense. Romantic, loving, showing genuine caring between the two men. I liked that and wanted to try writing one myself. I mentioned the idea of a menage featuring some M/M scenes to my Ellora's Cave editor. She said to go for it.

Seren: Why do you thing m/m romantic relationships have recently become such a big fad with women romance readers?

Lynn: Fantasy. Two hunky, attractive, sexy men who are in love and show that love sexually. Men have the same fantasy about two women having sex. It's hot and exciting and a little naughty. That sense of the forbidden makes it even more hot and exciting.

Seren: Do you think romance readers are as interested in just two men as they are in man/man/woman menages?

Lynn: As a reader, I like the menages best. What women wouldn't want two men who only want to please her? But strictly M/M romances are very popular, and show no signs of losing that popularity. Different readers have different tastes. That makes it so much fun for an author!

Seren: How do you research your male-on-male sex scenes? Do you think they are realistic?

Lynn: I read a lot of M/M books from other romance authors. And yes, I watched some gay movies. Purely for research, of course. I do believe my scenes are realistic, based on what I read and watched. I've had some wonderful fan letters from readers saying how much they enjoyed the book. I don't think they would've said that if the scenes didn't work for them.

Seren: Do you have more stories coming? And if so, will some include m/m or m/m/f?

Lynn: Michelle's Men was so much fun to write, and the response from readers has been wonderful. I definitely plan to write another book in the future featuring M/M or M/M/F.

Thank you so much for talking with me, Lynn! Best success for your upcoming books!

Email: lynn@lynnlafleur.com
Website: www.lynnlafleur.com

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